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HP Photosmart Premium Fax (C309) After Lunch

Right before I went to lunch today I counted; it takes several clicks and two Hp Scan splash screens to get the document scanned.

Oh, and as I suspected, the auto-crop mangled the documents I was scanning. One of the five was cropped correctly, the rest were ruined. The auto-rotate rotated it “the wrong way”, although there’s really no way for it to know…or is there?

I come back after lunch determined to scan these damn things. I notice in my computer the scanner shows up, so I double click on that, select the Microsoft Office Document Scanner (part of Office 2007, I suppose), and in a couple of clicks I have the forms scanned on the screen, and presumably, OCR’ed. It defaults to TIFF and I didn’t see an option to separate the pages, so I printed the individual pages to PDF, which is what I want.

Then I threw in the three checks. Incredibly, once scanned they were rotated in the right direction—whereas the HP software would have left them at 90 degrees or upside down (depending on, if by chance, I put them in with the “wrong” edge first), the Microsoft utility, presumably because it was doing OCR to it, rotated them correctly. Of course, it could have been coincidence; whatever it was, I wasn’t asked any questions, and the result was close to what I wanted.

That’s what I am talking about! Either give me full control, or give me something mindless and easy. Don’t try to do both, and certainly don’t ask me a fuck ton of questions if it’s supposed to be “easy”!

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